Other Series

Snow Creamer Powder
1kgX20 bags/ctm
2 tsp (20g) for one cup of 500cc acid drink, such as Lemon Snow Bubble.

Pure Grit Ice Powder
500gX12 bottle/ctn
15 kgs shaved ice (for reference):
  1. instant drink powders: 1.5 tsp (15g)
  2. liquid fruit : 2 tsp (25g)

Egg-Honey Juice
Method for 500cc Egg-Honey Juice :
  1. Add 1 tsp (10g) of sunbrand snow bubble cream.
  2. Add 1 tsp (15g) of sunbrand egg milk powder and mix evenly with warm water.
  3. Add orange or passion fruit juice 60g(2 bottle caps of 500 cc. shaker)
  4. Add appropriate ice cubes.
  5. Add an egg yolk. (according to personal flavor)
  6. Add appropriate water and shake it.It will become a fantastic Egg-Honey Juice.
※ Separation phenomenon will be occurred if adding other cream and not good for sell.